The Coach’s Corner – The Student Becomes the Teacher, By Lori Launey

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The Student Becomes the Teacher

An Alum’s Insight into Becoming and Intern

I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude to The First Tee for giving me the opportunity to intern with them this summer. Through this internship, I have gained valuable work experience. I was assigned to several different work sites and I was able to learn different skills from each. Whether I was located at the office, Joseph Bartholomew, or at the summer camps, there was a lesson to be learned…

During the time I spent working in The First Tee office, every day was different. There was always something new that had to be accomplished. By being in the office, I began to truly understand how much work goes into running the organization. I have gained a new level of appreciation for the people who make it all possible. Whether it be the social media posts, finding sponsors, making membership bags, or any of the many other tasks that go along behind the scenes, it takes a lot of work to make The First Tee successful.

When I worked with The First Tee coaches at Joseph Bartholomew Golf Course, we partnered with the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission. I learned the importance of pushing through and endurance. The coaches who work here are outside all day with only a break for lunch. There was never any question that these coaches were giving it their all for the kids.

I also worked at different The First Tee Summer Camp locations. Working with these kids taught me so many things, and most importantly, patience. I was able to realize the importance of celebrating all accomplishments, no matter how small, because every step taken in the right direction should be recognized.

I am so appreciative of The First Tee for affording me the opportunity to work for them this summer. I am grateful to have learned so much not only about working and having a job, but also many lessons that I can take with me going forward. It has been a privilege to work for such a caring organization that honors the message in its mission.

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