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Coach Perry Reflects on a Valuable Lesson learned from the passing of Jarrod Lyle


I wanted to start this series off by discussing the history of golf, but something happened the other day that prompted me to share a more important message. The golf world was stunned by the devastating news that Australian Professional Tour player Jarrod Lyle passed away at the age of 36 after his third battle with cancer. The news had a profound impact on me, as it made me recall my dad’s (a cancer survivor) battle with cancer.

My dad introduced me to the game of golf and it is a love that we share together to this day. A few months ago, I was privileged to play with him during his first round of golf since treatment. We were in Lake Chautauqua, NY and he shot 84 – not too shabby for a someone who had just undergone a year of surgeries and radiation!  When I heard about Jarrod’s passing, it made me realize how lucky I was to share that round of golf with my dad. It will be a round that I remember forever, and I hope to make many more memories on the links together.

The reason I share this story is to remind both our First Tee parents and participants that golf is far more than a score you put on your card, or the place you finish in a tournament. As said by Jarrod:

“I feel like I’m the luckiest golfer goin’ around, because so many people took an interest in me and took an interest in my fight. You know, to have so many friends around the world, whether they’re spectators, whether they’re golfers, whether they’re marshals …whatever, to have that kind of support … to go to every tournament, is a great feeling.”

Jarrod passed away reflecting not on his many victories, but on the relationships he forged through the game.

So, participants, think of Jarrod the next time you are lamenting a double bogey or a three-putt. The moments in golf that you will carry through your life have little to do with your performance on the golf course. Parents, I ask you to reflect on how the game of golf has impacted your relationship with your child. I hope that many years from now you will look back fondly on these moments. They are times you got to spend together.

Author: Coach Perry

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