First time registering for classes with First Tee Greater New Orleans? Here’s a step-by-step walk through.

If you run into trouble, please contact us for assistance. Also please note that the registration is built to be completed on a laptop or desktop computer. If you are using mobile or a tablet, we’re happy to complete the enrollment process with you over the phone.


Step One: Create an Account

After arriving at the page of current class listings, find the login button by our logo in the upper left part of your screen.

Login button in upper-left corner of registration page

From here, you can login to an existing account or create a new one. Please register using the name of the parent or guardian. Later in the process you’ll add information about the children that you’re enrolling.

Image of login or create account page


A pop-up box will appear with our website’s Terms of Use. Scroll down and click the box marked “I accept.”

Terms of Use pop up box during registration process

If you are returned to the Login/Create Account form after accepting the Terms of Use, this means that your chosen password did not meet the security standards. Please choose a password that:

  • is at least 8 characters long
  • contains at least one capital letter
  • contains at least one lowercase letter
  • contains at least one special character


Step Two: Add Participants

You’ll now be returned to the page listing all current class sessions. Before you can proceed, you’ll need to add information about the child or children that you’d like to enroll. Do this from the drop down box labeled “For Participant: Choose One” at the top and center of the list. When you select this box, you’ll see an orange button in the menu labeled “Add Participant.”

Add participant drop down box

Complete the information about the child you are enrolling.

Pop up box for add participant

Repeat this step to add as many children as you’d like to enroll.


Step Three: Select Classes and Add to Cart

Our available sessions are grouped by location. Make sure your child’s name is selected in the drop down box, then select the location you’d like to view. Summer camps are one week long and are open to all skill levels.

“Life Skills Experience” is the name of our weekly hour-long classes. These are grouped by skill level. Students who are new to First Tee can sign up for TARGET classes (ages 5-6) or PLAYer classes (ages 7+). Our staff will group children by age within the PLAYer classes when possible.

List of sessions with participant selected

When you’ve selected a location, scroll down to see available times and levels.

Location page for class listings

If the session is open and your child falls within the right age range, you will see the option to add it to your cart.

Age ranges for classes are:

  • Summer camp: 5-12
  • Teen summer camp: 12+
  • TARGET: 5-6
  • PLAYer: 7+
  • Par: 9+
  • Birdie: 11+
  • Eagle: 13+
  • Ace: 14+

Session listing

If this is the first session for this participant, you will see an advisory about membership fees. Each participant is required to purchase a $25.00 membership for each calendar year.

This membership gives the participant access to different golf courses where they can practice outside of class. Rates and times differ by course. Please see our full list for details. It also includes a First Tee hat, shirt, and tote bag.

The membership will be added to your cart. Click “Yes, continue” to proceed.

Pop up box advising about membership requirement

When the class is in your cart, you will see it displayed as below with the option “Remove from cart.”

Session selected screen

You can now add any other classes you’d like to register for.

Important: Remember to change the participant from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen if you’re registering more than one child.


Step Four: Complete Participant Information and Pay

You are now set to complete the sign up process.

Checkout page

We are here to help! Please get in touch if you need assistance.