Nurturing Participant Growth and Development, Coach’s Corner, 4th Ed.

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Nurturing participant growth and development

Karrington “KK” Knight accepting Oscar J. Tolmas Foundation Scholarship at Bayou Oaks in August

By: Perry Faulkner, Director of Education

For the last three years, The First Tee of Greater New Orleans has crafted an engaging, fun, and educational program to grow the game of golf. We use this approach to introduce young people to the sport, resulting in a seamless transition into acquiring golf skills. Our obligation is to serve the youth that we have initiated and nurtured in a way that will help them grow as both golfers and people.

Over time, we have seen the need to develop new opportunities for our older participants as they push the envelope of success and achievement. In answer, we are excited to offer The First Tee Flagstick Tournament Series and Enrichment Seminar Series. We encourage parents and participants to take advantage of our new programming. We’ve committed our staff and resources to accommodate the growth of our participants as competitive golfers, while still maintaining the highest standards of The First Tee Life Skills Experience.

The First Tee does not exist solely as introductory program, but as an organization that will help our participants continue to develop through adolescence, high school, and in preparation for the transition to college. The Tournament Series and Enrichment Seminar Series is a must, especially if your child is planning to or is already playing on the competitive junior golf circuit. Likewise, the Seminars serve to educate parents and address questions and concerns regarding the growing world of junior golf.

These events are thoughtfully curated with our parents and participants in mind, and we hope that you will find them beneficial. Thank you for the continued support of our program. I am excited at what the future holds as we work together to make the youth of New Orleans Good Golfers and Better People.

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  1. I am very pleased and excited about all the new things going with our 1st tee program for New Orleans. I am grateful to 1st Tee for involving the parents more in the process and making it a fun and learning experience for everyone.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Linda! We were overjoyed to see you at The Flagstick, and hope you will join us again to learn more what The First Tee can provide for participants!

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